Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, if you were wondering where the awesomishness (new word) of Altared Visions Photography comes from, just keep reading.

We are Ken and Genevia Jensen. We Are based in Jackson, TN and have been married about 5 years now. We have two wonderful children, Gabriel and Addison. Even our children enjoy photography. Our 4year old son has a 4 Megapixel HP Photosmart M22 and our 1 year old daughter has a Fisher Price Children's camera.

Ken is also an Industrial Electrician/Engineer. He is also a minister at Jacoa (Drug/Alcohol rehabilitation) and is involved in his local church ministry (Love and Truth Church). Genevia is a home maker/mother/super awesome person. She is also involved in the local church ministry.

We started shooting photography by shooting live concerts that we paid to get into. Then we got a gig with Skillet (a fantastic rock band) to shoot for them. After that we have had several shoots for live and even promotional photos.

We have since shot Portraits, Senior pictures, and many other types. We are really branching out! We are CANON camera users. We do not dislike Nikon, but we chose to shoot with CANON.

We realize that photography is becoming harder and harder to be successful at, so we are constantly in a state of continuous improvement. We research new things, we are constantly enrolled in new classes, and we ALWAYS accept constructive criticism from other photographers with a smile. Everyone has something to teach us, and we are receptive to that. You can expect that our photos will be better than before!

I must place a disclaimer here: We are a religiously based company, so there are certain photos or behaviors that we do not condone. For example, we will not shoot fully nude photos. Another issue, is the fact that when you combine both of our awesomeness during one photo shoot, we cannot promise that it will not cause a rift in the Time-Space continuum or start the destruction of the earth. I promise we are not this conceited, we love to joke WAY TOO MUCH.